kefkaownsall (kefkaownsall) wrote in binky_betsy,

Odd WMG I read about Dee

Remember how Meredith was conceived? "Whoopsie — somehow I, a licensed pharmacist, had no clue that switching birth control would leave me even more fertile during the transition! My bad!" It's not good for a pharmacist to Fail Pharmacology Forever; if she made mistakes like that with their customers... Also, consider how much the Pattersons love gossiping and criticizing others — while being horrible about taking any hint of criticism themselves. Deanna's job allowed her to be privy to a part of peoples' lives they likely wouldn't want being spread around — would you be comfortable if you learned your pharmacist was blabbing about your prescriptions? So Deanna was let go for her unprofessional behavior; rather than admit this, she pretended she quit to pursue her never-before-mentioned dream of opening a sewing school.
Hmm.  I can definitely see the gossip reason
Hey did you hear Mrs. Smith got a morning after pill isn't she married

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