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FBorFW Newsletter, February 2011

Now that it's the end of the month, the latest newsletter is up for your viewing pleasure:

February has arrived! Here in Northern Ontario, after a very snowy and cold January, we're eagerly awaiting the coming of Spring. We may have cold feet, but we have warm hearts - keep reading to see our February giveaways and discounts!

Only for our newsletter subscribers: Get 5% off your orders from the FBorFW store. Use the coupon code FEB2011 at the checkout to get five percent off any order over $20. This coupon code is good for one use per customer, and the offer expires on March 1st.

New Farley children's book in the works! Fans of Lynn's first kids' book (with Beth Cruikshank), Farley Follows His Nose, will be pleased to 'nose' that Farley and the Lost Bone will be published soon - this beautifully illustrated story follows Farley as he tries to track down his missing bone. Each drawing in the book contains a doodle of a bone, cleverly hidden, for you to find as you read the story!

Coming soon to iTunes! Check out our brand new video podcast page for some short interviews with Lynn! We add a new one every Monday. (If you have an RSS reader, you can add the Podcasts Feed to be notified of new episodes. Soon our podcasts will be available via the iTunes store too - we'll keep you posted and give you instructions on how to subscribe so you can watch our podcasts from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Valentine's Fun: Play our Perfect Match game, send a Valentine's Day egreet, or enter our annual Love Struck Contest!

Something Old, Something New is now available! Our first FBorFW treasury collection, a huge 408 pages of memories and laughter, features a rich serving of entirely new cartoons and full-colour Sunday strips (most never available before in a collection book). The first FBorFW Treasury offering, the omnibus features storylines from the strip's original three cartoon collections: I've Got the One-More-Washload Blues..., Is This "One of Those Days," Daddy?, and It Must Be Nice to Be Little along with commentary from Lynn. This hardcover book was a real labour of love for Lynn and her studio crew and we can't wait to share it with you! Get your autographed copy today!

Read 30 years of FBorFW strips in our online catalog! We'll be working on improving our search tools so you can track down your favourite strips more easily. In the meantime, enjoy the random strip generator, or browse the books.

Have you joined us on Facebook yet? People who "like" our Facebook page get lots of chances to win signed books, and get first notice of new stuff on our site, including our weekly podcasts. We passed 4,200 fans in January and the ranks are growing every day!

We've just gotten our hands on electronic copies of the animated FBorFW TV show that used to run on the Teletoon network here in Canada. We've been uploading them one at a time - check this page out every week to see what's new!

A Farley Foundation milestone: In honour of disbursing its first $1 million in funding to help people in need pay for the necessary veterinary care of their pets, the Farley Foundation is asking all pet owners and members of the media to spread the word about our amazing charitable work through Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts with the following message: "Help spread the word. The Farley Foundation has reached a major milestone by disbursing its first $1million to help thousands of pets across Ontario. Learn more at www.farleyfoundation.org"

We keep getting asked "How do I get FBorFW by email?" Universal Uclick offers two types of accounts on GoComics.com - paid (Genius) and free - and both allow you to get comics by email. Users with free accounts will get ONE comic of their choice by email each day, and then GoComics features a comic below it. If the free user selects 10 comics, GoComics will randomly deliver one of the 10 each day. As a Genius (paid subscriber) the daily email will contain all the comics that you pick. Sign up for your free account here. You can also learn more about the difference between services and allows you to upgrade to Genius level if you wish.

Something Old, Something New is now available!

Plush Farley! Everyone who's emailed us about Farley has loved him! Get yours today.

What's RSS all about? Find out here.

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February (known as Sucker Fish Moon)- Namebini-Giizis A Site We Loved
The Farley Foundation - celebrated a major milestone!

Correctly answer the questions below and we'll enter you in a draw. The prize is a signed copy of our Big 5-0 collection book. We'll select five lucky winners at the end of the month.

1. Who wrote the story for Lynn's first Farley kids' book, Farley Follows His Nose?
2. What's the subject of our first video podcast?
3. Name two characters whose names start with "W".

Last Month's Answers:
1. Name a Canadianism that's appeared in the strip - there are lots documented on our website.

2. Name another cartoonist who's drawn a strip making fun of FBorFW - see the site for a list.

3. In the strip for Sunday, April 11th 2010, what's Elly shopping for? - Deer repellent for her garden.

Send your answers to fborfw@aloeroot.com.
We regret that this contest is not open to residents of Quebec.

Lynn Johnston Productions, PO Box 100, Corbeil, Ontario Canada

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