kefkaownsall (kefkaownsall) wrote in binky_betsy,

Dee someone with so little of a spine she shouldn't be in our phylum

Okay I decided to read the glurgy Mike Dee wedding strips and while I do think Mira was being overly controlling I noticed two things. 
One Mira was demonized into being a homophobe (And did the homophobia ever come up again cause I don't know but I guess probably no) and getting angry at her daughter living in sin (hypocrite as Elly did the same)
2. Even if we accept that Mira really is a homophobe and wasn't forced into saying that by Lynn why the fuck did Dee not cut ties with her.  seriously if she was that homophobic and the fact that Mike's best friend is gay, it wouldn't work.  What are we supposed to love our parents even if they abuse us as control freaks who dictate who we can be friends with?

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