kefkaownsall (kefkaownsall) wrote in binky_betsy,

Broken Aesops in this comic

TVtropes defines it as

Broken Aesop
"Do as I say, not as I do."


The desire to end a story on An Aesop is natural and strong: it's often the only thing that elevates the story above a piece of insubstantial fluff. The trouble is that it doesn't always work. And when there's Executive Meddling or a Writer On Board, the moral of the story feels as awkwardly tacked-on as the spoof "Wheel of Morality" lessons that ended many Animaniacs episodes.


Basically, a Broken Aesop is a story where the moral at the end of the episode doesn't match the moral that the episode actually contained (and unlike the Spoof Aesop, they don't do it on purpose). It's an Anvil Ex Machina.


Common methods of breaking An Aesop include:
I think one example is April's school learning to <3 disabled people but the rest of the time only April, Iris (and at the end Liz and Blandthony) care about disabled Jim.

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