Miz Laurel (hoppytoad79) wrote in binky_betsy,
Miz Laurel

I was reading Lives Behind the Lines tonight because I thought Lynn's comments about how geeks make the best husbands and you can tell by how fab they look at high school reunions were in there. Haven't found that but I did find the following description of what Grandma Marian wore on her wedding day: "...white cotton dress..." (p. 200). This does not fit either of the two gowns/dresses that, according to the strip, was what Marian wore when she and Jim tied the knot (unless you count the high-necked Victorian dress Marian was wearing in the strip in which Jim thoughtbubbled them dancing on their wedding day as a white cotton dress). *headwall* Three different dresses. Three. Why--What--GAH! Stupidity! Laziness! Makes my head hurt! Continuity, people. Very important and worth the trouble of going through previous work to confirm details, so DO IT!

I am beyond disgusted and floored by how profoundly lazy Lynn has been about details and facts for...oh, at least a decade (probably longer, but my memory's bad enough I can't remember back far enough to feel safe saying so). Her standards are nauseatingly low and I boggle at her claims (made with all seriousness) that she does research so she can portray things accurately. Taking a few pictures and asking someone a few questions does not even begin to count as having done your research. That's the first step, not the whole trip.

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