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Mystery Solved: The "Missing" Daily Strips From the Week of 2/1/1982

As dreadedcandiru2 has pointed out, the search catalog at the official site shows "missing strip" placeholders for the dailies associated with the dates February 1 through February 6, 1982. I was curious to see if I could find the strips via microfilm, so I checked the reel from the Albany Times Union for the dates in question. And guess what?

Before I tell you, I want to make sure you're sitting down. I know most of you are, since you're reading this on computers, but in case anyone's checking Foobiverse on a mobile device while standing or moving about, please take a moment to sit down.

The reason those strips are missing? The strips that ran that week were REPEATS! Take a look at the strips for January of 1980. Scroll down to January 7. Read January 7 through 12. That's what ran in the papers on the week of February 1, 1982. [Disclaimer: The comics page for 2/1/1982 appeared to be missing from the microfilm, but the strips for 2/2/1982 through 2/6/1982 synched up exactly with those from 1/8/1980 through 1/12/1980, so I deduce that 2/1/1982 matched up with 1/7/1980.]

So Lynn's little discourse about working ahead so that she could take the Barbados vacation without missing a deadline? Either she never did it or has wiped from her memory the fact that she never quite made that deadline.

How's that for detective work? ;)

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