dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Something Old, Something Full of Lynnsights...

While doing some Christmas shopping at a local book store, something interesting caught my eye: the first of the treasuries. Having skimmed it, I can give you all a heads-up about what to expect. First off, the format is that of a typical collection but in a hard cover. Second, we get everything from September 1979 to March 1981 interspersed with new-ruins in a logic- and timeline-defying tangle. Finally, we get a lot of Lynnsights. The most interesting is that Lawrence wasn't originally supposed to be Connie's child in the first place. Y'see, back when she was the Evil Anti-Elly, she was also childless; she only gained a child when Lynn assigned her the role of Lynn-as-needy-single-mother. Lawrence, who was established as Mike's best friend, was simply assigned to her to make things simpler. Also, she honestly seems to have believed that Deanna left for Burlington when she was five (only to be told different by a fan), gets all prissy and smug about not admitting that Man is at his most darkly comic when sex and other icky biological functions come into play and sticks to her guns about how anyone who criticizes Elly's chronic stupidity and criminal negligence as a parent must be childless.

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