Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, December 4

Hoo-ee! What a night I had last night! Erk.

Anyway, on to the strip.

BDBs: Two, if you count Elly's hips in panel 1.

Panel 1: Okay, April has boobs again. Good, 'cause I'm so sick of the artists infantizing her.

Panel 2: "The more the merrier"? What the frack does she mean?

Panel 3: "Ties that blind". Argh! Puns are EVERYWHERE in the FOOBiverse!

Panel 4: Oddly compressed butt on April. Is this the figure that Mystery Washroom Girl envies? And yes, we know John gets a giant bone from buying tools.

Panel 5: Oh, of course Elly has to get all righteous about giftcerts being impersonal. Better to stress about getting the Exactly Right Gift, than let people choose what they want.

Panel 6: Never has time to build models? Yeah, I guess the train set takes up all his free time and then some. And check the box in the foreground: "Build your own POW camp!" Oh, the funny Nazis.

Panel 7: Elly looks nauseated at the prospect of a romantic weekend with John. Actually, so am I.

Panel 8: Nice camel toe, Apes. "No kids"? That would be no KID, singular, unless Merrie regularly visits so John can ignore her. And who says "swanky" any more? Plus, lotsa luck getting a hotel reservation on such short notice in December.

Panel 9: What's April shrugging for? Is that her reply: "I'unno"?

Panel 10: I think the last time April looked like that, she was Sockhead. And what's the deal -- is she allowed to stay alone now? I remember her having a huge fit because she had to stay with Gord an' Tracey while John and Elly were on vacation, but that was like two years ago. Or does she just want to be away from the 'rents, by whatever means?
Tags: the martian creature

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