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Lynn does Peru: Day One....

Guess what? Lynn decided to share another travel diary with her fanbase.

Last spring, my friend Liuba and I decided to sign up with Medical Ministry International (www.mmint.org) for a 10 day mission to Peru in November. Liuba has been helping me to learn Spanish for...well, 13 years I think, and this time I wanted to take my "teacher" with me on a mission! I was also keen to introduce her to my friend Nilda who lives in Lima. The time between signing up and leaving flew by too fast. We were there and home again in the blink of an eye, but, as always - the images and the experience will last forever.

Day one:

The flight to Lima goes directly from Toronto. Within 8 hours we were there, picking up our baggage and heading for the exit doors; a driver leading the way. Both Liuba and I had two large suitcases, one filled with medical supplies and one for clothing. We had arrived two days before the rest of the medical team in order to spend some time in Lima and were surprised to see a friend waving to us from the crowd of people waiting to greet travelers outside. Willy, one of the translators and a lay minister with MMI, had come to meet us and was willing to take the supplies we had brought and send them on to Cuzco where we'd soon be working. He accompanied us in the taxi to our hotel and we separated with hugs and affection - he wasn't going to be working with us this time, but it was wonderful to see him again.

Our hotel was directly across from one of the biggest craft markets in Lima. We were grateful to Nilda for having suggested it. She knew what we'd enjoy! We had agreed to meet her in the lobby the following day and fell asleep, still feeling the vibration of the aircraft in our bones.

[Image: Exterior shot of a hotel.]
[Image: Hotel Room.]

I know it's sort of a slow start but we're building up to something fairly interesting. We do have a reminder that Lynn loves local handicrafts so it's good to see that. Also, it's interesting to see that Liuba's wasted the last thirteen years trying to get Lynn to learn Spanish.

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