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Saturday, December 3

Ellipses (which I forgot to tally yesterday): 19. That's a pretty severe speech impediment if she stumbles on "reading".

Panel 1: The Incredible Shrinking Shannon. And is she about to point out to April how rude she was?

Panel 2: :smack: No...she's begging. Oh, this is pathetic. Although she seems to have gained an inch or two of height.

Panel 3: And now they're really laying it on the line. Sweet, simple Shannon Gump, who sees things and people the way they really are, doesn't see Aprils zits, nor whatever other flaws she's stressing about. She only sees the pure Pattersonian goodness.

Panel 4: Yeah, what IS she laughing at? And April's skirt looks like it's sewn to her jacket.

Panel 5: Huh? Why would people call Shannon crazy? And why is April rolling her eyes? And who accidentally gave her Mike's face?

Still, I suppose I'd rather this than a blatant speech.

You know what else I wonder? Could it be that Lynn (or one or more of the Lynnions) is trying to compete with Brooke McEldowney (Pibgorn, 9 Chickweed Lane), who always draws his (yes, he's a guy) female characters with long, slender, gorrrrrrrrrgeous legs? Liz has never worn skirts very much; Elly does, but they're usually calf-length or longer. So perhaps the school-uniform device is merely an excuse for leg fetishism. The last panel of that April-expresses-herself-with-wild-socks Sunday strip a while back was rather McEldowneyish.
Tags: saint april, shan...non, zits

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