dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Cross-pollination and research failure: Lynn touts Luann(e)

Lynn's latest News Bite has her promote the work of another horrible artist: "Luann" by Greg Evans.

My friend Greg Evans who does the syndicated strip "Luanne" has just released his 25th Anniversary book and it's well worth ordering! Greg is one of my good friends and colleagues.

His venture into the life of a teenage girl is amazingly accurate, his humour is both kind and bittersweet and he's delightfully funny. Greg is not afraid to attack some serious subjects...and all of these comments have been applied to my work as well. We are similar in the way we have handled life, love and coming of age. It's with pleasure that I recommend his 25th anniversary book.

Besides, he gave me a copy for free!

First off, it's spelled Luann. Second, his venture into the life of a teenaged girl is only accurate if you think that every sixteen year old girl alive is a backstabbing idiot bitch on heels. (Note: Their thinking along those lines would explain why John and Elly squeal about Martians and princesses when discussing the painfully proper and almost relentlessly cheerful child they do have.) Third, regnad_kcin started calling the author "Stooooooooopid, Useless And Evans" for a reason.

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