Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Princess Lynn, Princess April

I wanted to wait until the holiday weekend was over to post this. One of the recent Lynnsights may shed some light on her portrayal of April in the final years of the strip.

Like most kids, I believed that all the drudge work belonged to Mom...the repairs and the maintenance belonged to Dad and that I was there to be fed, clothed and endured. I hadn't ASKED to be born...and therefore I was a perpetual guest. Seems that my parents didn't order a princess when they brought me into the mix and I was soon expected to clean up my squalor, help with the dishes and generally make myself useful. I rebelled. I felt cruelly done by. I lay down on the floor and howled at the injustice of it all. Despite the hardship and the unfairness of it all - I do remember having a distinct sense of pride and satisfaction once a chore was done.

Perhaps the Spoiled Picky-Faced Martian Princess Creature was Lynn's self-flagellation. April didn't balk at doing household chores, but that might not have been the issue; the issue might simply have been punishing April as Lynn's secondary avatar. There's probably a point to be made about Elly and April both being Lynn-avatars and how then to interpret the "She understands" strip, but I just want to send this out. Also, the "perpetual guest" mindset is something that came up on r.a.c.s. a while back, only it was used by someone's parent. Because the kid didn't ask to be born, s/he was an invited guest in someone else's house, so act like it (whatever that meant).

And it sure pleased KAN, which may be another reason Lynn kept piling on. I think some of them would never have been satisfied until they saw April getting hit. Either simply because they believe corporal punishment is the answer to everything (like the woman who said "I'd send her across the road to pick up her teeth"), or it could be that some of them just get off on the idea of a perky teenage bottom being smacked until...well, I don't want to know until what. But I'm pretty sure that if Lynn had drawn April being paddled at any time between '06 and '08, the avalanche of "Kudos!" CT entries would have crushed "Yay for the Settlepocalypse!"

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