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Sunday, 21 November 2010

The next strip in sequence depicts John being filled with despair because Michael is his patient. After his "SpankGround Mike because he asked a question that reveals Daddy to be a viciously selfish rat bastard idiot" stunt, I'm not that inclined to feel sorry for JFTF.

(Strip Number 6077, Original Publication Date, 8 November 1981)

Panel 1: We start today's exercise in martyrdom in John's clinic; as Jean holds up a pair of molds for dentures, she asks John if he's sure they belong to a Mrs Bonyun.

Panel 2: He makes an asinine remark about his knowing that smile anywhere.

Panel 3: The disembodied head of one of his other employees tells him that his next patient is here for a check-up.

Panel 4: As he looks into the waiting room, he frowns and thought-bubbles "OH, NO! NOT HIM!!!"

Panel 5: He then shows himself to be unprofessional by thought-bubbling that nothing ruins his day like a screaming kid.

Panel 6: John's next gambit in "Operation: Pity me because I'm an idiot" is to whine that all he has to do is look at the child in question and he goes crazy.

Panel 7: No matter how gentle John is with Patient X, it always seems to be a madhouse.

Panel 8: He then asks why it is that they keep sending the Monster Child to him.

Panel 9: As Mike slumps into the room and says "Hi, Daddy", John looks as if he's the one that deserves sympathy.

Summary: He actually doesn't, you know; that's because Mike has good reason to be wary of dentists. The same man who interprets confusion as an attempt to overthrow parental authority, destroy human civilization and bruise fruit isn't going to take to kindly to a child's attempt to resist having sharp objects jammed into his oral cavity and is going to make his pointless, exaggerated outrage clear.

ETA: The problem with my assuming that we're going to see the one I referenced is that Lynn seems to have finally gotten aprilp_katje's point about the date; the one in the paper has Mike complain about being overworked because Elly asks him to jiggle the toilet handle.

(Strip Number 7100, Original Publication Date, 22 November 1981)

Panel 1: We start the proceedings with Elly scrubbing the kitchen floor and Lizzie 'helping' by playing in the water.

Panel 2: Since John is too stupid and cheap to fix the toilet, Elly is gobsmacked by an off-camera FLUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHing noise.

Panel 3: Since she's in the middle of something, she can't fix the problem herself so she tells Mike that the toilet is running and could he please jiggle the handle.

Panel 4: We see him playing with his toy UFO and whining "Aw, Mom!"

Panel 5: Her yelling "Go and do it NOW!!!" is so loud, he cringes in terror.

Panel 6: We next see Gorey-eyed Mike mumbling in disgust as he enters the bathroom.

Panel 7: He then jiggles the handle and stops the toilet running.

Panel 8: His stomping back to the living room and whining "Gosh, why do I have to do EVERYTHING??" astonishes Elly.

Summary: It shouldn't, though; that's because he's so used to her racing around doing things that it no longer registers. It has little to do with sexism or whatever ism the notes will cover and a damned sight more to do with the fact that he can't think of her as being overworked. This notion that a mother is by nature doing two or three things at once tends to color how he relates to Deanna.

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