I create myself (bisonmomma) wrote in binky_betsy,
I create myself

The Girls Who Went Away

Hi, everyone. Hope this is ok. I just wanted to tell you all, especially the authors of the letters, that Ann Fessler, the lady who wrote "The Girls Who Went Away," is going to be in my city giving a lecture tonight. I thought of you all because of the story of Elly & her daughter Claire, which I thought was great. The interview in today's paper was sad. She was speaking about how the moms were told they'd get over it & get on with their lives, & when they didn't, they blamed themselves. A lot of them went on to accidentally destroy their new families because they couldn't get over the way they'd been treated. It sounded a lot like Elly.

I'd also like to ask, is there a single place where I can find all the letters the fan fic writers wrote over the years? I came to this site fairly late (on August 23, 2008, in fact) and while I'm willing to search the archives to read the letters, it'd be nice if there was a single area for them.

Thanks everybody.

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