dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

The New Official Halloween Strip......

I was checking my RSS feed for the strip like I do from time to time when I noticed that Lynn's way of handling the discrepancy in the Halloween strips is by pretending it didn't exist in the first place. The new "official" strip for Halloween is the "Getting the Last Word" idiocy. She even changed the notes:

Lynn's (New) Notes:
Heaven was lying on our living room couch, eating and watching TV. With the old wood and coal furnace, our house was always cold and the warm spot on the couch was something my brother and I fought over. Yes, we fought over the warm spot! So, once ensconced on the sofa, I hated to remove myself and lose that precious bit of heat! If Dad was the one to order you off the couch, you might be able to beg a few more moments of repose. An order from Mom, meant immediate compliance. In this strip, John uses the "ferocious" method of kid-removal. I used it, too. When all else fails, we parents often resort to animal behaviour. I stopped at taking them by the scruff of their necks with my teeth, however!

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