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Lynn's Thought For 2 November 2010

Make of the following 'insight' what you will:

Every so often, an insightful thought comes to mind and this morning, I felt compelled to write this one down.

When I was about 5, I read the story of the princess who wanted to own the moon. Her father gave her a necklace with a silver moon on it, telling her it was taken as the moon disappeared and was recreated at the following phase.

I remember looking at the moon and thinking it was everyone's because nobody can own the moon on their own. So, it was mine. At that, I decided that the clouds were mine, the sky, the mountains and the oceans and the earth were all mine as well. If the earth was mine, then everything on it was mine.

All the people on the earth are mine. If all the people on the earth belong to me, then is it not my duty to help them? And if I can't help them, then I must care about them.

I thought these things when I was 5. It occurred to me this morning, that I hadn't had that epiphany for a long, long time. I woke up this morning, thinking about how lucky I have been to live without fear of imminent war, to be warm and fed and to have my children safe and healthy. I must have had a profound dream, or maybe I just enjoyed waking up to the warmth of my bed and the view of the mist on the lake through the window.

Whatever it was that brought back that memory of owning everything, I am grateful for it- and I wanted to pass it on. I hope your mornings are warm and safe, that you all know the world belongs to you and so do the inhabitants. Let's care about each other. Always.

Lynn J.

I personally think that she's trying to prove the "point" Elly has with respect to writing being principally to entertain.

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