dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 24 October 2010

In today's un-sound effect-laden strip, Farley pretty much becomes a living dust mop.

(Strip Number 11146, Original Publication Date, 11 October 1981)

Panel 1: The splash panel depicts a snoring Farley sleeping amidst a pile of Mike and Lizzie's toys; since Lynn wants to prove that being made to eat Elly's awful cooking hasn't killed him, she helpfully indicates that he's asleep by having the 'word' ZZZZMPN! appear over his head.

Panel 2: He then YAWNNNS!! and affords us a view of the inside of his mouth to indicate that he's just woken up.

Panel 3: Having noticed an interesting smell, he walks like no dog who ever lived while following the scent; in doing so, he makes the words SNIFF-SNIFF-SNUFF-SNIFF materialize in thin air.

Panel 4: He then SNIFF-SNIFFs under a chair...

Panel 5: ...and WHUFF-SNERFs as he gives us a good look at his hindquarters.

Panel 6: We next find him poking his head under the bed only to have someone yell FARLEY!! and alarm him.

Panel 7: As he tries to get away from the source of the noise, he BONKS his head on the bedframe.

Panel 8: We end things with him in an appeasement posture looking fearfully at Elly; noticing that he's covered in the dust she's too busy whining about being a SAHM, gossiping with one friend about the other and watch her soaps to do anything about, she tells him that he forgot to dust under the piano.

Summary: This, of course, is Coffee Talk fodder; I can well picture the letters about the funny thing someone's Farley did as well as letters about how sad people were when April killed him because she was naughty. What I can't picture is the note for today; since Lynn doesn't know much about animals, we're probably going to hear Doug Franks's bloviations presented as gospel.

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