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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Today's strip is a milestone; that's because we have one of the very first strips in which a Patterson totally loses his or her shit because they have to do homework.

(Strip Number 4083, Original Publication Date, 22 October 2010)

Panel 1: We find ourselves looking at Mike, who's doing his homework hollering "I can't do this! I won't do this! I HATE this! It's not fair!!" as John looks on in confusion. Given how Mike sucks at basic arithmetic, I'm guessing he's being tormented by the evil and impossible question "6+3=?". (Spoiler Alert: He's still stymied by having to count past ten. It's why he pays parking lot attendants bribes and buys way-too-complicated lattes while being unable to figure out why he and Dee are soooooooooo pooooooooooooooor.)

Panel 2: Having walked over to Elly, John points at his son's silhouette and asks her what's up with Mike; she rolls her eyes and says "The usual..."

Panel 3: As Mike throws a tantrum because he has to work towards a goal instead of having success handed to him on a tray, Elly tells John that for every ten minutes of work, there are half an hour of complaints.

Summary: I'd sympathize with Mike because I wasn't much of a fan of homework myself; the problem is that, well, every time the going gets rough, a Patterson yells "I can't dooooooooooo this!! I haaaaaaaaaaaaate this!!!!" because they're not instantly good at something. Perhaps Lynn's notes will clear up why that is.

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