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Busy Moms - FBoFW vs a modern comic

Not sure if I'm actually allowed to start a thread in the group, but this Sunday was the debut of the comic that is replacing Cathy in my local paper. It's The Pajama Diaries - and this is the comic in question:

I was struck by the similarity, at least in theme, to the many strips of Elly being bugged by her kids when trying to work - though I'm having trouble finding the examples I want at the moment. That's where the similarity ends though. While Jill (mom in PD) still expresses her frustrations (sigh, growl) at no time does she forget that her kids are actual human beings. Especially in that last bit when she comforts Jess - taking the time to hug her and reassure her that it's OK. The joke is still there though - she's wasted a whole afternoon and still gotten nothing done - but it doesn't have that air of martyrdom and, dare I say it, hatred to it that it would have in Lynn's hands.

Possibly this is because of the 30 year difference in perspective, but even in that case, isn't that just a sign that we really don't need Lynn's take anymore?

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