Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, November 27

"An'"s: Three.

Panel 1: Huh. I wonder if this is a result of Liz's PTSD from having been gone-after. I don't usually jump awake with hair on end at one ring of the phone.

Panel 2: Oh, it's April. Phooey; I was hoping for Officer Morsel, who couldn't sleep because he was thinking of Liz.

Panel 3: "No, that's okay; I had to get up to answer the phone anyway."

Panel 4: There's The Zit! So this is continuity? And what does she mean, not getting along with Elly? After Elly cradled her on her lap and everything?

Panel 5: Becky called her fat?! I mean, I could understand a remark about her complexion, but "fat" doesn't even apply!

Panel 6: Well, don't touch your face, then! We touch our...ah, never mind.

Panel 7: You're better off.

Panel 8: Well, never lend what you can't afford to lose.

Panel 9: No friends? So what's Shannon then, chopped liver?

Panel 10: So is that supposed to be funny, like Liz didn't really get to do any talking? Or has there been a time jump past the bit where she dispensed advice?

Panel 11: Again, eh? Well, all kidding aside, I envy April for having a sister who gives a shit.

Panel 12: Liz looks positively rapturous. Is she glad April is having problems? Is she proud that she's able to help? Or is there someone else on her mind?

Panel 13: ETA: I take back what I said about Liz giving a shit. So I guess she was ectatic at the thought of the lame pun she was about to drop. Okay, great: the monthly letters have been confirmed. Now that we've got that out of the way, what's been happening with Officer Morsel?

But I guess hearing Becky's remark second-hand means that this week's storyline won't carry over. Shame, because I was hoping to see April make the connection between her ditching Shannon and Becky dissing her.
Tags: april with hair down, evil becky, zits

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