dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

We conclude the micro-arc with a reminder that Mike has no imagination and thus must rely on suggestions from Elly; this explains why he needed her as an editor. It also raises the distinct possibility that his books are more Elly's than his.

(Strip Number 186, Original Publication Date, 20 October 1981)

Panel 1: We find ourselves in the middle of a conversation between Tentacle-Fingered Elly and Dainty Doll-boy Michael; As she tries to get him to decide what he wants to be for Halloween by asking "How about a clown or a cowboy? Maybe a pirate? A robot?", he wearily rejects the options by saying "No. No. Nope."

Panel 2: She then says that she could make a monster costume or dress him up as a detective, a wizard, a soldier or a ghost; Commander Contrarian says No to all of those.

Panel 3: Since he's rejected every idea she's come up with and will probably reject any others she'll suggest, Elly tells Mike "Okay. I give up" and leaves him to decide on his own.

Panel 4: As Wide-load Elly walks away, Michael yells "I thought you were gonna HELP me!!"

Summary: This is what really annoys me about Lynn/Elly's insistence that this clod is gifted; he has no imagination, no drive and has to be kick-started into motion by panic. It's almost as annoying as having to admit that in this instance, she's right to call him an irritating nuisance or to realize that Aaron is in for a scraping because he didn't respond the way she wanted to to her failed attempt at parenting.

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