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The newest features.

It seems that there's a few new sections on the site to contend with: Lynn has gotten someone to add podcasts to her YouTube channel.

A few months ago, Stephanie (my webmaven) and I met with our friend, Scott Clark (of Clark Communications here in North Bay) to see if he had some ideas for our FBorFW website. I wanted to provide more for our readers and Scott suggested we do a Q&A kind of interview wherein he'd pose some questions that might not have been asked previously and I'd attempt to answer these in an entertaining manner. Hmmmm...Scott came to the house accompanied by his friend Ed, who brought his camera, and we just started talking. This is something both Scott and I have no trouble doing. He's been a broadcaster, performer and professional MC for years and, of course, the questions were all about ME!

For at least an hour, we communed and as long as Ed remained awake and vertical, we figured things were going swimmingly. Scott called an end to the session and Ed returned to his studio to see what was good enough to keep. He then edited the hour down to a number of short "clips" the first of which we have posted today.

We aren't too sure if this will "fly". It depends on the response we get from you - so, please let us know if this was a good idea! Please check out a few segments [over the next few weeks as we post them] and get back to us. We have this amazing communication system - a site that connects us all over the world! I'd like to do more with it!! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, sincerely... Lynn J.

The first podcast of many is "Lynn talks about her favorite hobby"; said "hobby", is of course, cooking. Thrill as you learn that Lynn is almost as good a cook as Young Elly.

Also, there are daily crosswords for the camera-in-my-house squadron to gush over:

We recently polled the members of the FBorFW Facebook page, and you guys told us that you love word games, especially crosswords - so we brought some in! Each day we'll be serving up a new, challenging crossword for your puzzling delight. Check em out here- hope you enjoy them!

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