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FBorFW Newsletter, October 2010

The new month brings us a new edition of the newsletter.

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[In this month's issue: Win a plush Farley, try our tricky trivia contest, watch our latest video, support the Farley foundation and get your 2011 calendar.]

It's October! We're enjoying watching the leaves change in our area; we really do have beautiful Autumns in this part of Canada and our beloved maple trees really contribute to the beauty of the season. This month's featured photo is a shot of Corbeil from the air!

Colour Strips and colour commentary! We've started running the daily strips on our site in colour, thanks to the nice folks at Universal Press Syndicate who are now piping in the content direct from the desks of their talented colorists. Lynn has also started contributing daily info tidbits that we're posting underneath each strip - check in each day to read Lynn's remarks and reminiscences! Find the daily strip here!

Something Old, Something New is coming very soon! Everyone at the studio has been scrambling to get the finishing touches ready, and the book's on the presses right now destined for delivery this fall. Check out our News Bites page to learn more about the book. Something Old, Something New features storylines from the strip's first three cartoon collections- I've Got the One-More-Washload Blues..., Is This "One of Those Days," Daddy?, and "It Must Be Nice to Be Little"--with entirely new cartoons and full-color Sundays. We'll be offering them signed from Lynn's shop!

October is Farley Month: The Farley Foundation is a charitable organization that subsidizes non-elective medical care for pets of seniors receiving the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and persons with disabilities receiving the Ontario Disability Support Payment (ODSP) or the Federal CPP Disability Benefit. Every October is Fundraise for Farley month, and every October Lynn donates $3 from every copy of Remembering Farley purchased through our store. You can get your autographed copy of Remembering Farley here! Learn more about the Foundation here.

Farley Foundation Fun: Want to WIN a plush Farley and a copy of the Remembering Farley book? Write us a poem! A limerick, to be exact, on the subject of dogs. We'll post the entries and the winning limerick on our site, and the lucky winner will receive his or her own cuddly Farley toy. Send your entries to us by the end of October!

2011 Wall Calendars are here! We managed to obtain a very limited number of calendars for 2011, so please order yours early to avoid being disappointed. You can get yours here.

Lynn recently drew the last of the new For Better or For Worse Sunday strips. It ran on July 11th. To document this milestone, a friend filmed her as she drew the strip and then Lynn's son Aaron edited the video - check it out here on our new YouTube channel, where we'll be posting more video soon!

2011 Wall Calendars are now available.

Plush Farley! Everyone who's emailed us about Farley has loved him! Get yours today.

Treasury editions of Lynn's strips are in the works. We'll share updates as we get more information.

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Dgwaagi : Autumn A Site We Loved
The Demon Duck of Doom - a blog by Lynn's highly accomplished animator friend Nancy Beiman.

Correctly answer the questions below and we'll enter you in the draw - the prize is a limited-edition FBorFW print from a print run of only 2000. We'll select five lucky winners at the end of the month.

1. Which characters are in the strip from June 4th 2007?

2. What's Mrs. Baird's first name?

3. Name one of our Ned Search locations

Last Month's Answers:
1. What colour did Liz dye her hair in November of 96? Purple

2. What's the title of one of our animated specials? The Bestest Present is the most popular.

3. What topping does Mike not like on his hot dogs? Relish

Send your answers to fborfw@aloeroot.com.
We regret that this contest is not open to residents of Quebec.

Lynn Johnston Productions, PO Box 100, Corbeil, Ontario Canada

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