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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Today's strip pretty much explains who and what John is as a parent; that's because he not only reveals himself to be a firm believer in what someone called a favor bank system of morality, he's filled with rage when his 'moral' code is questioned.

(Strip Number 4073, Original Publication Date, 1 October 1981)

Panel 1: John angrily exclaims to a baffled Mike that he is not to young to do some (age-inappropriate) work around the house.

Panel 2: In fact, he says, he OWES it to them.

Panel 3: That's because he and Elly pay for his clothes, his food, his education....

Panel 4: Mike's asking him if he asked to be born in the first place makes John's skin turn magenta with rage like he's so much Sinestro.

Summary: I'm dying to see the notes on this abomination. That's because I want to know how Lynn justifies John's self-serving and evil belief that he's somehow owed not only labor from his children but praise for performing the legal obligations of feeding, housing and clothing them; as Chris Rock said, "You're supposed to, you dumb mother[boxcar]!!!" I also want to see her justify his and Elly's seeing defiance where none exists; this is not the first time he or Elly interpret a disagreement as both a harbinger of chaos and an excuse for massive retaliation and it won't be the last. Lastly, I want to see how she justifies their total lack of empathy for their children.
Tags: classic strip, dickhead john, stupid ugly john

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