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Saturday. 25 September 2010

 In today's strip, we have Elly complaining about prices not being what they used to be; the payoff is that the elderly cashier tells her that what she thought of as being cheap prices look expensive to him. 

(Strip Number 177, Original Publication Date, 26 September 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with Elly at the local Megafoods; as she holds a two-liter carton of milk, she tells Lizzie, who's riding in the cart, "Look at this price, Elizabeth; I remember when milk was twentyfifty cents a quart."

Panel 2: As a clerk who's in his sixties walks by, she also expresses disbelief because she can remember when bread was twenty eight cents$1.28 per loaf and chicken forty five cents$1.45 per pound. 

Panel 3: The clerk smiles as, for some reason, he checks Elly's pulse or something.

Panel 4: He then says "Don't ask me what I remember." (This is slightly classier than what Jim would do: making an abrasive comment about her being nostalgic for the lost wonderland that was five or six years ago.)

Summary: The point the man is trying to make is that Elly isn't nearly as old as she'd like to think she is owing to the simple fact that the long-lost Golden Age that she's lamenting having passed was only a dozen or so years in the past; one wonders what Lynn's Notes will tell us about this, though. My guess is that she's going to get her nose out of joint because Oldy McTouchyfeely is trying to bogart the martyrdom; we'll see a lot of that next week when John loses his shit because Mike disrespects the idea of the Favor Bank.

ETA: Lynn has a new, less irritating banner up; bad wordplay is a lot less annoying than advocating something stupid.

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