Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, November 22

Ellipses: TWENTY-FIVE. Two in the middle of a word.

Boobwatch: April has just the slightest curve outwards in profile. And so does Shannon. I guess it would be too politically incorrect to have Shannon be flat, but in that case, April has to at least match her.

Panel 1: AAAAAAA! You guys called it! Hi, April, it's me -- the Human Plot Device! That said, I don't care for that "you wouldn't understand," Miss Tolerance. Nor that condescending look on your face.

Panel 2: Right on; say it, sister! And April's got the "new idea OMG" eyes. And my gosh, Shannon must be really short: her head only comes up to Pipsqueak April's shoulder!

Panel 3: Yeah, man! Much as I hate to be led in this direction, it's true: Shannon IS an example of someone who has problems but doesn't let them rule her life!

Panel 4: Well, that's amusing. Although I'll temper my praise by saying it looks as if Lynn/the Lynnions have cribbed from Bill Amend.
Tags: saint...shan...non, shan...non

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