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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Today's strip is an exercise in foreshadowing; that's because we see the beginning of the rift that formed between John and Ted.

(Strip Number 4064, Original Publication Date, 10 September 1981)

Panel 1: We go back to looking at John and Ted; instead of talking about work, they're talking about Ted's relationshop with Connie. Ted boasts about how great life is now that he's dating her.

Panel 2: That's because he's got home cooking, fun with the kid and a loving lady as part of his life.

Panel 3: Since he remembers that his frienemy gets bored easily and doesn't always seem to care about how the people he dumps react, John warns Ted that Connie is a special friend of the family; what that means is that she's Elly's best friend and if something goes wrong, he'll never hear the end of it.

Panel 4: Since Ted is a bit of a clod who doesn't quite get that Connie isn't as together as she looks, he's genuinely upset and confused when he says "What's this? Are you asking if my intentions are honorable?"

Summary: What this tells me is that John seems to regard himself as pretty much Connie's father or something. In any event, he does seem to be fairly aware how messed up she is and how badly she wants to be married and tends to react negatively to her being strung along. How odd it is that he's more worried about her feelings than those of his own family.

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