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Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wonders what he ever saw in girl....

Another of the extended arcs that Lynn seems to have gotten right was the one about Mike's infatuation with Martha. As we know, they first met in Summer Camp and bonded over their mutual tendency to do stupid things to impress people who exploited that tendency for cheap laughs. When they found out that they attended the same middle school. they went through the typical awkwardness that goofy, average, normal children go through: the mixed signals, the embarrassment that love letters inspire, the awkwardness that was watching Lawrence trying to convince himself he's normal by feigning interest in girls and so on and so forth. The parental reaction was also to be expected as it was what any sap would do under the circumstances: her parents didn't think too highly of him and Elly fretted that Martha's body language would talk Mike into doing something he shouldn't. As I said, they were dirt-ordinary parents having an everyday reaction to a standardized situation. Granted, most people wouldn't have shipped Mike off to exile farm in order to cool him off but most people don't live in the state of inexplicable, misdirected hypervigilance as Elly. Even the resolution of the arc was to be expected; after Mike allowed himself to give into paranoia because he mistakenly thought that she was giving him the brush-off when a communications blackout was in effect, Martha started to develop an interest in someone who actually talked about what was on his mind instead of making her guess where she stood. Needless to say, Mike didn't much like being the dumpee; how he 'got over' getting over her was also fairly humdrum. His hoping that when they were forty, she'd come begging for forgiveness for making him feel like a bird in the radiator grille of life was also something one would expect of a seventeen year old trying to sort out how he felt; the Mike of 2005 had this to say about her:

Hey - I almost forgot to tell you. I ran into Martha, the Juliet to my teenage Romeo, at the deli last week. She's now divorced, with a set of twin girls. She works for a screen printing place right down the street from the Portrait offices. She's still as funny as ever, and she looks good and happy. Hopefully we'll run into each other again one of these days. It was nice to "remember when".

When one contrasts Michael's nostalgia about two kids who had some laughs and tears and still feel something for one another with the Settlepocalypse, it's as if he and Liz inhabited two different strips.
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