dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Money matters in the Foobisphere.....

Hypothesis: Lynn's self-willed ignorance of financial matters owing to her glaring inability to do basic arithmetic results in her characters behaving unbelievably by making ludicrous financial decisions and being chronically short of money despite having real world jobs that would put them in an enviable financial position.

1) John and Elly's ongoing difficulty keeping their financial records straight at tax time.
2) The odd way in which a mildly prosperous dentist like the John of the early years looks as if he makes minimum wage and spends most of it paying off a Mafia loan shark.
3) Elly's constant struggle with utilities and banks.
4) Mike and Deanna being soooooo poooooor that they have to buy second-hand items for their children and only being able to afford to live in Lovey Saltzmann's antiquated barn of an apartment despite both of them making enough per annum to live in a condo on the Danforth.
5) Their seeming inability to afford the down payment on a new house after the fire.

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