Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, November 18

"An'"s: Two.

Panel 1: I'm still not believing that April's face could get so bad overnight that Elly would be taken aback by it. Especially since she's already raised two teenagers. It's skin diseases that get this kind of reaction, not acne.

Also, is that carpet wet? It looks like Elly's feet are sinking into it.

Panel 2: Oh jeez, the Pose goes to the next level! Hand to chest, head thrust forward, mouth open, but eyes screwed up in agony instead of wide with consternation! And Elly's got some serious turkey neck.

Panel 3: GASP! I jumped when I saw this panel, for real. It honestly looks as if April is mutating. Like her face is upside down. Really, I know scrubbing isn't the best idea, but this is turning into one of those sitcom crises where the girl colors her hair and it turns green, or plucks her eyebrows and ends up with red, oozing scabs where they used to be.

Panel 4: Oh for crying out loud. My mom would never have dreamed of doing that to me when I was 14, no matter how upset I was. And the punchline makes the least sense of ANY I've ever seen in FOOB, and that's saying a LOT. ETA: Okay, I think I half-get it. The "rock" is Elly rocking her. So what's the "hard place"? School?

Now please tell me she's going to have to go to school. Please don't let Elly indulge her like that.
Tags: april regressed, april with hair down, zits

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