Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, March 28

"An'"s: None! Because only grownups are talking!

Amazing! Only 80 years old, and Anthony is going to be a homeowner!

And I wonder: Is Mike blind or what? If he's seen Anthony in the last five years---and he must have, if Anthony works for Gordon, and Mike and Gordo are still such great buds---then there's no way on earth he can reasonably "still think of him as a little kid."

Why is April in the foreground in panel 2? And why does she have speed-freak eyes again?

Pride, panic and payments add up to parenthood. Well, let's see what else fits in there.

Puke: Soon to be on every shirt Anthony owns.

Penis: The body part that is already being eroded (honestly, what is a man, even if he is the baby's father, doing at a baby shower?).

Photos: Several million to be taken of the wee one by the proud papa. But none including Therese, unless she's fully made up before grudgingly agreeing to pose with Francoise in her lap.

Pandemonium: What will ensue when Therese finds out Anthony sent those photos in an email to Liz.

Pawnshop: Where Therese's wedding and engagement rings will end up. How on earth are they going to afford house payments on one salary?

Peacemaker: What Elly will end up being.
Tags: evil baby shower, evil therese, francie, granthony the amazing, granthony the innocent victim

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