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The Going-after and the Trial: an exercise in idiocy......

Here I am once again with my summary of a truly idiotic story-line and why I think it stinks; bear with me through the carnage:

As we know, the plotline started in early June 2005 when Liz had attracted the unwelcome attention of a Howard Bunt; he'd been established as an employee of Lakeshore Landscaping who did not believe in taking no for an answer. Since Liz had been raised to not have much in the way of street smarts, John's attempt to get her to do her civic duty was met with her cringing refusal to stand up for herself. This led, of course, to what Lynn calls "The Going After" and what the Criminal Code of Canada calls "Sexual Assault"; as I've said before, I expected that the man who'd come to Liz's rescue was Lawrence because of my belief that Lynn was going for a "Gay guys can kick ass too" Aesop. Sadly, it was simply an excuse to have Pornstache be "there" for Liz when she needed him. This would have been bad enough had we not had to deal with Anthony's praising Liz for not having the decency to stand up for herself,  or taking her not to the police but to a park so she could listen to his weak bullshit about finally having someone worth fighting for and not having a hooooooooooome because his evil wife didn't want to spend the rest of her life in the shadow of a vapid twinkie with the IQ of spacklewant to be civil to Liz or the revolting bullhuckey that was Lawrence's original reaction. What bothers me to this is her talking about pressing charges as if it were an imposition. About a year later, Liz got subpoenaed so we could display Lynn's lack of awareness as to how the criminal justice system in this country worked and remind us that April's job is to be an ignorant teeny-bopper who needs to be reminded how to breathe. Her spinelessness would be bad enough were it not accompanied by parental idiocy. I'd rather deal with Elly's blank-witted non-involvement than John's idiotic refusal to understand that the system works slowly not because people 'enjoy waste' but because, unlike him and his addiction to snap judgments and other impractical practicalities, they don't want to rush things and screw up like the sort of moron who witlessly sits in a vermin-infested hovel because it's what a bachelor's cabin is 'supposed' to look like. Nor do I need his witlessly self-serving refusal to admit that Paul cannot simply drop things on a dime so as to make a man who's only hovering around because the judge told him to not leave town a better-seeming catch. (Of course, one also has to take into consideration the fact that, as presented in the strip, the incident would never have gone to trial in the first place.) 
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