dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

The next annoyance: Jim's stroke.

As long as we're reminding ourselves of outrages, let's discuss Jim's stroke. As you will recall, we started out with Elly and Iris's reaction to his first stroke; the thing is that Iris's gut reaction that Jim had left the building had pretty much gone unchallenged because Jim didn't react right away to Phil's presence. Since a doctor had told them that at that point in time his mental faculties were compromised, Elly's default negativity and Iris's ineptitude as a caregiver made that the official story. You already know about Mike's calling him nuts and Liz's not even showing up on camera so I won't bore you with that. What I will talk about is how the Smackdown Brigade's Official Sermon was that Jim was a very old man so while what happened to him was bad, it shouldn't affect their need to crush Becky before she could get them.

What really hurt to look at was that Iris was dropping huge hints that she needed help but Elly, true to her creator's "The sick and weak can pay the able a huge favor by not reminding them how lucky they are" nature, did nothing but praise her for her strength.

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