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Newsletter, August 2010

 Since it isn't actually a holiday in the U.S., Steph published the August Newsletter today:

It's August! The FBorFW studio is on the edge of scenic Trout Lake, making it a great spot to live if you like fishing and swimming! The Town of Corbeil recently added "turtle crossing" signs to the roads around the studio, so we'll remember to be mindful of the lower, slower traffic that occurs in the area at this time of year. They also like fishing and swimming, and they have to cross McPherson drive to do it.

We have a new web server: expect a faster website and new content starting in mid-August!

August Switcheroo: in order to move a site as big as FBorFW.com, we've spent the last month making a working copy on our new server. At some point in August (likely a Friday when you're all off sipping cold drinks and sitting in hammocks anyway) we'll decide that the time is right and we'll change the domain names, fborfw.com and fbofw.com, to start delivering you folks to the copy that's in the new location.

Because the Net is a big place, there will be a transition period of 24-48 hours when some of you will still be seeing the old site, and some of you will see the new site. There are parts of the site that will be mostly-working (or sort-of-broken) during this transition time, when Steph will be consuming a lot of coffee and trying to make sure nothing stays broken for long.

It's kind of like moving house over 48 hours then immediately welcoming in 200,000 of your closest friends for a BBQ - we're just hoping we've hooked all the plumbing up correctly! Thanks for your patience. If you need to communicate with us, find us on Facebook!

Closing up shop (temporarily): our online store will need to close briefly while all this is going on, because we want to make sure it's secured and working before we open it back up. So, if you have an urgent purchase you need to make in August (check your birthday calendars!) please get your order in asap. We'll have some good deals waiting when it comes back.

We're thrilled to see how many people have been enjoying our archive of FBorFW strips. Did you know you can browse 30+ years of FBorFW comics here? We've got a "browse by book" feature where you can see which strips appear in our collection books. We've just added listings for More Than a Month of Sundays and Our Sunday Best, two relatively rare collections of Sunday comics from the early days of the strip.

Plush Farley! Everyone who's emailed us about Farley has loved him! Get yours today.

Treasury editions of Lynn's strips are in the works. We'll share updates as we get more information.

We've had some people asking whether we'd be releasing the FBorFW animated specials on Blu-Ray. Please let us know if you'd be interested and we'll look into it!

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aazhawa'o: He crosses the water by canoe or boat

A Site We Loved
Corbeil - learn a little about the town of Corbeil, Ontario.

Correctly answer the questions below and we'll enter you in the draw - the prize is a limited-edition FBorFW print from a print run of only 2000. We'll select five lucky winners at the end of the month.

1. What's in Lovey's casserole in the strip from April 27, 2002?

2. What are the names of Connie's stepdaughters?

3. What's the name of Aunt Fiona's cat?

Last Month's Answers:
1. What does Michael say in the strip from Boxing Day 1979? I'm bored.

2. In what year did Phil and Georgia get married? 1987

3. What was the name of the other woman Eric was seeing? Tina

Send your answers to fborfw@aloeroot.com.
We regret that this contest is not open to residents of Quebec.

Lynn Johnston Productions, PO Box 100, Corbeil, Ontario Canada

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