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April & Becky

I thought I'd contribute some unfavourite storylines: April, Becky and the neverending fighting.  They met at daycare, aged 2, but the arguing didn't really get started until pre-school days.  There were always suggestions that Becky was spoiled and wasn't as polite, intelligent or modest as a Patterchild, and her home life clearly was lacking without an Elly-like mother to talk at her, but there was never any real sympathy or understanding shown.  By the time they were approaching kindergarten, the fists were flying, but they were quick to make up.

Long before she went roadside, Becky apparently learned about sex from the book Elly planted for April, rather than from her own parents -- Becky never told April whether what was in the book was similar to or contradicted what her parents told her.  April began to feel threatened by something she couldn't define.  It wasn't until Grade 8 that Becky's desire to stand out became apparent while April made judgemental thought-bubbles, and Becky started noticing teh boyz and scored a Grade 12 admirer; Becky developed into Evil Becky who Doesn't Like Shan...non.  April began to hate Becky, but never confronted her over it, just glowered and moaned about Becky behind her back (how close a friend is April if Gerald had to be the one to tell her about Becky's parents' fighting?), and then was fairly unsympathetic when Becky needed a friend.  But they made up for about six weeks, until it was time to haul out Evil Becky again (warning: over-the-shoulder parting shot moment).

When the band got started we learned that Becky had a bit more talent than the others, but rather than celebrate this, she was demonized for trying to turn them into something more than just a bunch of kids in the basement.  When the band began to fall apart (aside: April figure skates?), Becky became Evil Rebecca(h).  Look at her expression after the band's first concert: the others might have been a bit embarrassed but knew that it wasn't April's fault, whereas Becky looks like she just bit into a lemon.  Becky wanted more and April just sat and seethed; Becky's ambition was evil, pure evil, so April cut her off.  Becky tried to rekindle the friendship and explain, but April wouldn't listen, yet we're supposed to think that Becky is the horrible one.  Becky seemingly gives up on April (wouldn't you?) and mocks her instead just to lead into another Shan...non Is Wise Beyond Her Years strip. 

Rebecca(h) turns pro with a radio ad and new name and the others talk about her behind her back again.  April lets herself get used, although it's a bit hard to feel sympathetic as she was hardly a good friend to Becky in return.  Finally Becky gets some of her own back.  April finds that Eva is happy to bitch about Becky (and doesn't even comment when Becky gets her own stage name wrong).  Becky tries again to tell April that her life isn't all that easy, but even though April told Becky to stop ignoring her and Becky tried in her own way to tell April what was going on in her life, April still can't stop snarking about Becky behind her back.

Gerald agreed to help Becky with her concert, so was clearly deserving of an over-the-shoulder parting shot while April sulked and refused to go on the same stage.  Fortunately, Becky sees the light and admits that her own ambition was evil, but rather than talk to Becky and show any understanding of, or sympathy for, Becky's situation, April tells the whole story to John.  And that's the last we see of poor Becky.

Just for good measure, one more over-the-shoulder parting shot.
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