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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Since it's now August, I expect to see this strip about how John cannot believe that a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to. Then again, Lynn's idea of "August" might differ from my own.

And it does, too; that's because we have yet another example of Elly getting worn out pretending to parent.

(Strip Number 7088, Original Publication Date, 5 July 1981)

Panel 1: We start the proceedings with Mike and Lizzie in what is called a Ball of Violence; said ball has Lizzie snatching her bunny from Mike and yelling GIMME before kicking down his building blocks.

Panel 2: Having extricated themselves, they both say I'M TELLING!!!

Panel 3: We next see Elly, who's doing the dishes, get gobsmacked because Mike, who's got his hand over Lizzie's mouth so she can't talk tell Ma that Lizzie HIT him. 

Panel 4: Lizzie's response is to tearfully state that him took her BUNNY!!

Panel 5: Elly narrows her eyes in frustration because she has to listen to overlapping complaints about how SHE BROKE MY HOUSE HE BITED MY DOLLY BUT SHE.....

Panel 6: Both children do that awful tongue-stuck-out-baffled-frown thing when Elly yells HOLD IT!!!!

Panel 7: She then explains that since she can't possibly know who's at fault here....

Panel 8: ...both of them will have to go to their rooms for twenty minutes. As she says this, she's marching Mike forward and carrying Lizzie.

Panel 9: We next see her sprawled on an easy chair thought-bubbling about how that's so the judge and jury may enjoy a brief recess. Since she's clearly been worn out by her momentary contact with minor children, she should probably take a permanent one and let Anne raise them properly.

Summary: As I keep saying, I know from observation that it is not easy being the parent of two small children. The problem I have with this strip and the ones like it is that not only does it exaggerate the difficulty, it implies that there will be no reward during the parent's lifetime. Unless, of course, self-inflicted martyrdom and self-pity can be considered rewards.

ETA: It seems that Yahoo has thrown away the throw-away panels; we'll have to see if this was because Lynn's intent was to not depict the Ball of Violence.

ETA2: The new month brings a new seasonal banner.

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