dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 24 July 2010

Since Lynn's statement about the Sunday strips means what she wants it to, there's no real way to predict what we'll see today; perhaps we'll get the strip that has Elly thought-bubble about how awful it is that Evil, Conflict-Causing John and her unappreciative and destructive children can undo all her hard work in sixty seconds. It could be a new-ruin, as far as that goes; what it won't be is an invocation of life beyond the Settlepocalypse.

I should be more careful about what I say; that's because we have to contend with the oldie I mentioned.

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching most of the Pattersons relaxing; John is on the couch reading the Valley Voice, Lizzie is eating a banana and scaring the crap out of people who worry about what Lynn thinks is the overblown issue of child safety, Mike is reading the Sunday funnies, Farley is snoozing on the floor and there's a handful of trash on the floor that a regular person could tidy in about fifteen seconds; Elly regards this cozy chaos with a despairing SIGH!!

Panel 2: Since her ideal of perfection is to have a home which looks as if it were never occupied by human beings, she looks at this 'revolting' spectacle by scrunching her face up in disgust and snarling "What a dunp!!"

Panel 3: We next see her wearing that damned babushka as she comes in and tells everyone to head for the hills because she's going to shovel the place out.

Panel 4: John smiles as he tells Mike and Lizzie to clear the fort.

Panel 5: Lynn indicates Elly's cleaning the place by showing a panel of her wiping off the wall with her right hand while vacuuming with her left and stirring up a cloud of unsound effects.

Panel 6: LATER, John declares that the rest of the family is home.

Panel 7: Elly once again SIGHS as she thought-bubbles that there's no justice....

Panel 8: ...when it takes half a day to clean a house and only sixty seconds to mess it up again.

Summary: I know that it's sort of a downer to see hard work go unappreciated but this is just depressing; if Elly were less up her own ass, less inclined to think that everyone and everything was out to destroy her because no one wants her to be happy, she'd have had a better life. As it stands, she looks like what she is; a nit-witted kill-joy whose main complaint in life is that the happy, carefree people that surround her are not wallowing in self-induced misery about non-events. What really sucks is that she's too damned impatient to wait for the day they are because she's too damned stupid to know how infectious her pointless gloom is.

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