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Michael and Deanna: Two ships that should have passed in the night.

The recent discussion of the Housening and Settlepocalypse reminds me of something howtheduck said once about Michael and Deanna; back when they were courting, he thought that Lynn was clearly setting things up for their break-up. It was obvious to him that the two of them weren't especially compatible and would have drifted apart sooner or later anyhow. It's sort of too bad that we ended up with the strip we did. Had they followed the relationship path they clearly would have followed in real life, we could have avoided such annoyances as:

  • Mike jumping up on a roof-top to proclaim his love.
  • His getting away with being a creepy stalker stiff-arming Deanna's reticence.
  • His final, stupid, impersonal total non-confrontation with Rhetta. (You can't tell me that this isn't a forerunner of this super-amazing act of courage.)
  • His getting away with being a whiny little bitch about having to go 'on break' while he was at University.
  • The demonization of the Sobinskis for daring to tell a vain nincompoop what to do.
  • The Big, Fat Fake Wedding.

We would also have put to bed the stupid reason that everyone and his dog gave for the breakup: Rhetta wanted to stay in Milborough while Mike wanted to see the world. We all know that his love of travel and need for adventure vanished pretty much when he got a straight job and actually had to encounter other cultures so it seems obvious to me that an honest homebody who shouted from her rooftop that she was born in Milboring and wanted to die there would have been a better fit than a passive-aggressive jerk like Deanna who pulled an annoying stunt to keep him within her field of view. Also, Rhetta wanted him to do something useful and good: write an open and honest account of the events that led to April's near-drowning. (It occurs to me that this is why Elly didn't do to him what she did to Liz; as far as I know, Anthony never asked the question "Why the flying frakk didn't you lock the gate, idiot?") Finally, it would have had him apologize for his amazingly stupid, self-absorbed and immature behavior when they first broke up.

This, of course, assumes something that doesn't really apply at all; it assumes that Mike and Liz's comings and goings should have received the extensive coverage they got; we all know that in real life, Mike and Liz's adventures would have been as peripheral to the main storyline as Connie's or Ted's so to have the strip consumed by them seems foolish.

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