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Thursday, 22 July 2010

In today's strip, a grocery store operator's praise of Ted's real cottage is a reminder that Elly clearly believes that John got them to the right place because it's what she thinks one looks like.

(Strip Number 154, Original Publication Date, 23 July 1981)

Panel 1: We find the Pattersons at the general store; as they bring their stuff to the counter, the man at the counter says "Ah, yes, yes!! Ted McCauley's cabin!!". I assume that this is in response to John's telling them that they're at the lake where they're staying. I also assume that the man thinks that they're in the tidy, well-kept cottage near the main road instead of the shack on the other side of the lake.

Panel 2: As John pays for their purchases, the clerk tells him that Ted has a mighty fine spot out there; the reason that this doesn't ring alarm bells in their heads is because, as city folk, they're smarter and have higher standards than hayseeds. Ah, my; what a crappy present Lynn gave me for my sixteenth birthday: John being an ignorant snob who presumes to be condescending to someone who knows what he's talking about.

Panel 3: The clerk tells the Pattersons that he comes up every summer with a different girl.

Panel 4: Elly reminds us that she too thinks that they're staying at Ted's cabin by turning to John and making an arch remark about how Ted couldn't find one willing to stay there a second time.

Summary: The odd thing about Elly's belief that they are where they're supposed to be is that when she's proven wrong, she'll insist that she knew better despite not actually knowing better. What's more, Kool-Aid Nation will back her to the hilt.

ETA: Even though the latest banner does depict the Pattersons of the 2010s, I doubt it will satisfy those who hunger for an update on their adventures. You will note that the hat obscures the adult's identity so as to invite speculation as to whom Jon Benet is growing together with.

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