forworse (forworse) wrote in binky_betsy,

FBorFW Oddities

Found via Facebook group:
FBorFW Strip Oddities: when we compiled our 30-year database of strips, we found a handful that didn't quite fit! They either shared publication dates with other strips, or they were extras, or we knew the strip existed but we couldn't find an electronic copy or figure out the publication date to fit it into our collec...tion. So, we did what any group of comics enthusiasts would do and made a page of "strip oddities":

We'd be interested to know if any of you folks have copies of these misfit strips, or can tell us approximately where they SHOULD fit in the FBorFW chronology, we'd love your input!
Sounds like a great cataloguing system there!  I would have thought the syndicate might have kept track.

I'd hazard a guess that No. 5863 just might be from Middle Age Spread...


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