dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 15 July 2010

In today's strip, we set up the stupid denouement for the arc and establish an interesting fact: Uncle Ted's Cabin actually IS two days away from Milboring; as a matter of fact, Sioux Lookout, Ontario is two days from everywhere.

(Strip Number 4036, Original Publication Date, 16 July 1981)

Panel 1: Elly leans her head out of the passenger window to read a sign that says "SIOUX LOOKOUT, 14 km"; she says that they're at the turn-off they wanted and asks where Ted's map is.

Panel 2: John grins, giggles feebly and says that he left it on the dresser.

Panel 3: We switch to an exterior shot of the wagon as he tells them not to worry or panic because he knows exactly where he's taking them.

Panel 4: We return to an interior shot of him narrowing his eyes in rage as Mike asks "Up the creek without a paddle, Daddy?"

Summary: Having done some checking with Google Maps (from: Scarborough, Ontario to: Sioux Lookout, Ontario), I've discovered that it's a 22 hour trip; this makes the two-day estimate spot the Hell on which requires me to apologize to Lynn. What bothers me is not that Ted has a cabin that's in a different time zone; what bothers me is that both he and John think that it's an act of generosity to drive a family of four up and back. Factor in that he doesn't go to a phone booth and ask Ted where the Hell the place is when he gets to the lake where it's supposed to be and we remind ourselves how exactly foolhardy the Pattersons are.

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