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Sunday, November 13

Panel 1: That's kind of an odd phrasing. Making pies is time-consuming; not really something you spring on someone while they're finishing up the dishes. And what is it with Lynn and supersaturated dish towels? For the towel to have that much moisture, Liz must have been washing with it, not drying. EWWWWWWW! You don't suppose that's what they do in Mtwhatsit --- wash dishes with a rag instead of a sponge or scrubber? Those crocheted rags are festering clumps of bacteria, IYAM.

Panel 2: And I'm not sure that even qualifies as a joke. Pi and pie are both too specific to be subjects. However, Viv looks better in color!

Panel 3: Ah yes: rolling up the ol' sleeves. But again, if Viv has gotten as far as making the dough, one would think she'd have discussed this with Liz by now.

Panel 4: Amazing: Viv is de-aging with every panel. However, wasn't Liz here last year, so she would be familiar with the Veteran's Day traditions?

Panels 5-6: Oh, come ON. Liz waited until all the apples were peeled and the filling ready to be packed before responding?

Panel 7: And Viv is equally sparing with her words, waiting until an hour later when the first pie comes out of the oven for her own response.

Panel 8: Well, I'm not about to quibble with the sentiment. However, permit me a nitpick about Veteran's Day itself. It's the day to honor the veterans, as in the people who came back. They may have sacrificed quality of life. They may have sacrificed some of the plans they'd made for after the war. But they did not literally give their lives. If they had, they'd be in the cemetery, and people would be visiting them on Memorial Day. So many people don't get that, I think because it's easier to get flowers and put them on a gravestone than to visit a live person, especially an elderly one.

I'd say if Mtig only has one live veteran, he rates just as much ceremony as if there were a hundred. But I balk at Liz having to be dumb about it just so Viv can pound the message home to her. I'd prefer it if she was the one telling this to her students, which of course wouldn't happen, because she's perpetually the naif, having everything made clear to her by the Wise Natives. Sigh.

ETA: And what really chafes me about this is, Liz's grandfather is a veteran! She's well aware of this, and she's heard his remarks about guys who shipped out with him and didn't return. It's ridiculous to present her as never having pondered the concept of sacrifice. Gah!
Tags: noble natives

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