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Another Perspective on the Patterfleas

DanielBT, who has a comic-themed blog but no lj account, asked me to share his blog entry about the ubiquitous "fleas" we see in the Patterworld: "Dots Everywhere!"

I thought it was curious that he focused on the use of this device for Farley, when Lynn often uses it for humans. I spent waaaayyyyy too much time going through some of the monthly archives watching for "fleas" and I broke them into two categories, "Gratuitous/random" and "Eating."


Friday July 13, 2007--John

Sunday, September 9, 2007--Mike

Sunday September 30, 2007--Liz

Sunday June 15, 2008; reprint of June 22, 1980-John; fits both categories

November 7, 1979; reprinted January 17, 2008--notice that Elly's final panel expression was revised from rage to gobsmack--Elly

Sunday November 25, 2007--Dee

Monday October 1, 2007--Dee

Eating (less a matter of "fleas" than crumbs spewing from food or mouth):

Monday August 13, 2007--plate-sized greaseburgers

Tuesday August 21, 2007--Deformed-face Liz eating chips

Friday August 31, 2007--April and the butter tarts

Wednesday June 20, 2007--April eating a sandwich

Saturday September 2, 2006--April and John eating cookies

Monday October 29, 2007--April and Liz eating pizza

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