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Lynn Johnston on the Fly

A YouTube interview with Lynn from last year when she was promoting Farley Follows His Nose.

Transcription for the hearing impaired / those at work who can't use speakers / those who'd rather not listen to Lynn talk with her mouth full:

[Random music and images]

Voiceover: “So Farley Follows His Nose author Lynn Johnston, also the author of For Better or For Worse comic strip seen in over 200 countries around the world.”

[Lynn scrunches up her eyebrows, eats Skittles]

“Lynn, how did you begin drawing and how has your art changed over the course of drawing For Better or For Worse?”

[Lynn looks down, counts how many Skittles are left, then looks at the ceiling in case more might fall from there] “I started apparently when I was two years old and uh love to draw and then For Better or For Worse started um years ago [shrugs] thirty and then I was offered the opportunity to do a children’s book uh got a nice letter from someone at Harper Collins who said uh how ‘bout giving you a shot so I said okay” [smug grin, followed by what looks like she is using her tongue dislodge Skittle bits from one of her teeth]

“And how has your drawing changed over the course of For Better or For Worse?”

“It’s improved. [shrug] You can’t help but improve after a while so [widens eyes, Elly-style and holds up crossed fingers] It’s improved.” [grin, more Skittles removal with her tongue]

 “OK and why did you decide to [Lynn eats another Skittle] return to Farley for Farley Follows His Nose?”

[Lynn chews, stares at ceiling to read the answer written there] “I really enjoy the character.  [waves hands around] He’s one of the most enjoyable characters to draw because of all the possibilities, all the…the physical fun that you have, the…the…the fuzzy hair, the…the dirt, the…the expressions [shrugs]…everything [grins with eyes closed]”

“Great, thank you Lynn”


[Ad for Farley Follows his Nose]

Doesn't it make you want to run out and buy a copy now that you've had such a great explanation?

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