Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, November 10

Panel 1: Oh, good grief. Do all the girls at April's school have updos? Is that why Becky is considered a gig -- because she wears her hair loose, and that means she's "loose" too? And I wonder why April says the hair clip is her sister's, rather than that Liz gave or lent it to her.

Panel 2: Now, that's odd. The person in front of April and her pal is very realistically drawn (lips an' all that), but the person behind them is cartoony. Anyway, so the shoes are Liz's too! So April is still under five feet tall, but has the same shoe size as her average-height sister?

Panel 3: Crimeny. Look, I know the world is full of little sisters who co-opt their older sisters' stuff, but Liz has made it quite clear to April that she does. not. like. that, and she does it anyway. Liz gets so little respect from anyone in her family.

Panel 4: Well, at least April's learning something in school! Could do without the SC-EP look, though.

Panel 5: Now, why are the talk balloons coming from the left side of the bus, when the view of the interior seemed to indicate that April is on the right side?
Tags: april vs. liz

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