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Thursday, 24 June 2010

In today's strip, we switch gears from Mike's grading to Elly complaining about the violation of the sanctity of meal time.

(Strip Number 4024, Original Publication Date, 25 June 1981)

Panel 1: As our story begins, we see a beaming Mike and Lizzie show Elly ice cream bars; as he explains that Mrs Baird just gave them to them, Ma's face is frozen in the Bug-Eyed Glare of Existential Horror™.

Panel 2: Mike responds to Elly's snarling "Great!" by asking her what's wrong.

Panel 3: As we cross "Patterson talking with his or her mouth full" off the bingo card, Mike says that Mrs Baird always gives them this sort of stuff.

Panel 4: Elly has her eyes bulged out in existential despair as she whines that Mrs Baird always seems to do this exactly ten minutes before she serves her unpalatable mush.

Summary: This hearkens back to one of the last new-ruins in which we reminded ourselves of Jerry Seinfeld's premise that even if one appetite was spoiled, there would always be other appetites. Simply put, it won't destroy the world if they have a Creamsicle before their Little Yellow Surprise.
Tags: classic strip, elly the martyr, foob history, ice cream lady

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