dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 6 June 2010

I wonder what basic concept will Lynn not understand today; will she avoid understanding men, children, pets or a combination of the three?

We have yet another strip featuring Elly being filled with horror and despair at something Michael does. That's because Dainty Doll Boy Michael, having watched Elly trim a hedge, decides to imitate her by cutting off Farley's fur with safety scissors; gobsmackage occurs because Elly is totally defeated by this.

Panel 1: We see Eyeless Elly in the backyard trimming a hedge; as expected, we have to deal with unsound effects because Lynn thinks that otherwise, we'd assume that Elly was playing freeze-tag while holding garden shears. The motion lines and flying foliage aren't enough to her.

Panel 2: As she goes merrily on CLIPPING and CUTTING, she seems to have no idea that she's attracted Mike's attention. The reason he doesn't ask what she's doing is that he's got a lollipop in his mouth.

Panel 3: We see the same general thing from a different angle so that we can see that Elly, who lost her eyes again, is nearly finished. We also see other shrubs she's pared down to nothing.

Panel 4: As she finishes up CLIPPING and CUTTING, Mike takes a close look at the fruits of her labor: a hedge trimmed down to bare branches.

Panel 5: As Elly finds something else to CLIP and CUT, we see a close-up of his face as he takes out the lollipop he'd been nursing this whole time; he smiles because his muse has inspired him.

Panel 6: He walks inside with what is supposed to be a purposeful stride but instead looks like a Silly Walk.

Panel 7: He then takes a pair of safety scissors from Elly's sewing supplies; Lynn represents his humming to himself by having him thought-bubble poorly-drawn musical notes.

Panel 8: We next see him trimming Farley's fur in an effort to be like his mother; Elly's reaction is not the standard Triangle of Horror. She's so horrified, she also has the Teeth of Evil.

Summary: We are once again treated to Elly acting as if there is no recourse to be taken here; she might punish Mike but she cannot seem to deflect his energies into productive channels. We also see a distillation of all the strips wherein Elly is totally confused and frightened because her children use scissors in a way she never anticipated.

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