dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

In today's strip, John finds the idea that children move and make noise as depressing and awful as Elly does; this explains their compatibility. Both of them are filled with the fool notion that children should not move, act or think unless an adult wills it.

(Strip Number 3684, Original Publication Date, 2 June 1981)

Panel 1: We start off with John trying to read his newspaper; since there's an awful lot of thumping, crashing and other unsound effects coming from upstairs, he's having a hard time of it.

Panel 2: We next see him unhinging his jaws and yelling "CUT IT OUT!!!!!" in order to get his kids to stop their pillow fight.

Panel 3: As he sits back down to read his paper, he frowns in victimized despair as he thought-bubbles "So much for the pitter-patter of little feet."

Summary: What I find interesting is that about twenty years later, Lynn would make villains of the Kelpfroths for sharing the horror that John and Elly feel when confronted with the idea that children move and act, that they do not remain silent and motionless until an adult wills it. It's passing strange that Mike's downstair neighbors are demonized for not wanting children to be aghast at.

ETA: A new month brings us an exhortation to do what the Pattersons will not do this year owing to John misplacing the directions Ted gave him.

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