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Thursday, 27 May 2010

In today's mess, we get to see that Elly even regards getting the children into lighter clothes as something to be depressed by. If they ever translated this into Japanese, they could call it Zetsubou-okaasan: Despairing Mother. I can see it now: "I'm in despair; this world where children move of their own volition has filled me with despair!!"

(Strip Number 3682, Original Publication Date, 28 May 1981)

Panel 1: As Elly finishes putting a dress (with, of course, ruffles at the shoulder) on Lizzie, she smiles and tells us "Oh, it's so nice to get the kids into light summer clothes."

Panel 2: We zoom out to see that Annie and Christichard are there with her; as Lizzie and WhotheHeckever play with a ball in the foreground, Elly's silhouette says "No more snowsuits, mittens, boots!"

Panel 3: As the mothers pick their children up to put them outside, Annie says "And we can put them outside, Elly; no more kids underfoot."

Panel 4: As she looks at Lizzie and Questionmark, Elly gets all glum and says "It's almost a shock to the system, isn't it?"

Summary: We get it, Elly; you think children are horrible burdens you have to endure. Here's something else you're going to have to endure: Michael; he gets out of Grade One in a month or so so you have to deal with his unfair and evil demands on your time and annoying need to ask if you actually love him.

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