Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, November 5

Panel 1: Ah, so everyone's conveniently getting out of the way! It's tempting to say that the kid with a mouthful of doughnut must be Jesse, but it has finally been proven to us that Jesse is not Liz's only student. Besides, Jesse is probably lurking in the bushes to spy on Liz and Officer Morsel. Meanwhile, does "Gawaabmin" simply mean "good night", or does it have some more complex meaning, like, "You have shown me the stars, o wise woman from the South"?

Panel 2: I hate when FOOB characters announce that they're going to take a very obvious action. Anyway, one would think that at some point she would have segued from "We're having a stargazing party" to "Wanna look through the telescope?" And I have zero idea where this is going.

Panel 3: What's a "mishomis"? And I wonder whose passed-away spirit he's mourning. Fiancee died in a moose attack, perhaps?

Panel 4: Oh, puh-LEEZE! Great. big. phallic symbol pointing straight up out of Morsel's torso? And yeah, I suppose stars being spirits is a nice thought, until you take into account that that's a whole lot of dead people.

Panel 5: Awwwww...[hearts hearts hearts] Wonder where he's staying tonight, then? Perhaps he really does know people in Mtwhatsit, and wasn't just blowing smoke.


I subscribe to the Yahoo group, although I seem to be unable to post. I wish I could, only because they seem to be under the impression that Morsel is white, and Liz is pouncing on him simply because he's the first non-Native guy she's met in Mtinkerbell. That WOULD be offensive, if it were true, but it's not! (Apparently, they don't get the color comics, nor read this group.) Those people are great sources for misinformation. "April is 12...Anthony works for Lawrence...This comic is hilarious, and the storylines are so well-plotted!" I'll just have to hope they self-correct at some point, or re-register so I can clear that up.
Tags: liz an' paul, stargazing

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